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Our Job on the Budget

  • The House Republicans have just passed the Ryan budget proposal. It will never become law.
  • The Congressional Progressive Caucus proposed The People’s Budget (pdf). This will also never become law—although it’s a great example of what a credible progressive budget looks like.
  • Barack Obama has laid out a framework for a budget. It’s not exceptionally detailed—but it’s a reasonable framework.

As things stand, we’ll probably end up somewhere slightly to the right of Obama’s proposal. This is because we progressives our disorganized and lazy. If we want to put pressure on our representatives, we can pull the national discussion back where it needed to be. This means making a few phone calls and writing some letters to representatives about what we, as a country, value. It might mean some noisy demonstrations. We could make it happen.

I mean, if we’re up for it.

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