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When I was flipping burgers at McDonalds on the interstate as a kid in Janesville, when I was detassleing corn, when I was working for Oscar Meyer, you know, selling baloney - real baloney by the way - when I was working three jobs out of college waiting tables to pay back my student loans, I did not think of myself stuck in some condition in life, as some victim, I saw myself on a road of opportunity trying to realize my version of my American dream pursing happiness how I defended it for myself.

Rep. Paul Ryan (via washingtonexaminer)

Having looked at some of Ryan’s budget proposals, I’m assuming he followed this up by saying something like,

So now I’ve made it. And I’m burning the bridges. This is MY American Dream. And I’m defending it for myself. None of you suckers are getting near it.

When I look back on that road of opportunity, I wonder if there’s a way to expand it. Add a couple on ramps. Maybe fill in some potholes. Judging by his budget proposal’s willingness to slash the programs that help people out of poverty, Ryan looks back on the road of opportunity and wonders where he can plant some landmines to make sure nobody else survives the journey he made.

(via theheritagefoundation)

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